Welcome to my home page. Actually it is my online resumé/ portfolio/ self-promotion. Many areas are still under construction, so watch your step. I am currently seeking a position as a Webmaster or Technical Architect.

I have many crossover skills in systems and network engineering and administration, as well as electronic prepress, graphic design and 3-D artwork. I have very strong experience in corporate communication and collaboration via the Internet (Intra- and Extranets) that I believe lends itself well to companies that want to extend their web-based services, particularly companies in dispersed locations, or that operate 'virtually'. I have honed these skills in companies as small as two (mine) and as large as 240,000 (Boeing).

On the following pages you will find information about my work experience, military service, education, hobbies, awards, and computer skills all spiced up with examples of my work. In reality the text is merely a framework for the images -- The more text, the more images I could justify.

As you will see from my work experience I have a strong and varied background in computers and the Internet. I am excited by the possibilities of the new technology sweeping our time. I look forward to challenging the bleeding edge of technology.

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